Can you give an example of Quality to Asterisks?

5 Asterisks is a perfect or near-perfect digital viewing experience.

4 would be close to that.

3 is an old VHS tape.

2 is a  fan-cam  quality concert.

1 Asterisk is almost certainly a title only offered because we are collectors/completists and it will probably only appeal to like-minded people.

1 Asterisk means that parts of the audio & video don’t sync (and we were unable to fix that with our software), the video is blurry, the stage far-away & the camera shakes excessively.

1 Asterisk titles still have menus, cover art, the whole shebang and are only offered because they exist.

I own several of the titles you offer on DVD already, should I buy them on Blu-Ray? Are they Blu-Ray quality?

Answer 1: Maybe.

Answer 2No, unless noted otherwise.

If you want a specific title on a Blu-Ray disc, in a Blu-Ray case, with Blu-Ray Cover Art, then Yes, you should buy it.

Any title (or transfer) is only as good as the source material. Transferring a home movie from VHS to DVD doesn’t magically give your shitty childhood memories digital clarity.

If you buy something here on Blu-Ray, it’s because you want that title on the latest (and probably final) physical form of media. It’s something rare for your collection that looks

like it belongs (because we made it so). We're like The Candyman of Bootleggin'!

So, am I buying a bootleg?
No. None of the titles we offer are subject to U.S. copyright laws. Most exist in a gray area for various reasons, including, but not limited to: origin and/or date of release outside the U.S.; format; fair use; public domain; conflicting laws; unknown ownership, etc. In some cases: Hard to Find, Rewind! owns the copyright and associated trademarks (or the licensing rights to import, distribute & resell a movie), making it an exclusive Hard to Find, Rewind! title. (In those cases, transfers come from a Master Copy provided by the original rights' holder(s).)

In other instances, your purchase is paying for the materials (paper stock, shrink-wrap, cases, discs, etc.) that make these rare finds available. The movie itself just comes wrapped inside and would otherwise be unavailable.

One of the titles you offer had an official release (like Halloween 6, The Producer's Cut). Why are you still offering it?

Because the version released is still substantially different than what is offered here.

What if the DVD, VHS, CD, etc., that I ordered doesn’t play in my media player?
While nobody wants to hear that their device is the problem, when 98 out of 100 players will play a title and the disc you ordered won't and

that other person have a compatibility issue...not the other 98 people.

All Blu-Ray/DVDs on this site are -R, Region 0, NTSC/PAL-compatible discs (meaning they will play in 98% of DVD players of the world and 100% of those manufactured after 2001). The VHS titles are NTSC, CDs are also -R and as Streaming & MP3 options are added to applicable titles, check this page for compatible players/devices or visit:

NOTE: Laptops, various computer operating systems, game consoles, etc., all play certain video files and many players sold as Region-Free are NOT (especially overseas).

It is your responsibility to know if your machine will play a title. All of our titles are .ISO files and are tested in 6 different systems before being packaged and shipped.

We do not offer refunds, but if you discover after receiving your item that it will not play in your device, you can return the disc (in its case, with its cover art, in a pre-paid, padded return envelope), with a money order for $5and a note, specifying your format of choice (avi, mpeg, etc.).

I saw a title you offer on another site for less money; will you match (or beat) their price?

Answer 1:You purchased fuel for your car at a nearby gas station this morning.

Later that afternoon, you passed by another station that is 5 cents cheaper, so you return to the 1st store and inform the attendant of the price difference.

The attendant shrugs their shoulders and stares at you with a blank expression, waiting for the point to your story. Same thing here. 

Answer 2: No, you should go buy from them.

We're sure they spent hours (sometimes days or weeks) researching dates, production histories, track lists (and have spent hundreds of dollars over the years on various versions) to make sure you

are actually getting the best-available footage of what you ordered. Then they designed original, mistake-free cover art with high-resolution images on glossy stock and, in some cases, even incurred the costs associated with obtaining a copyright or  licensing deal to be able to legitimately offer previously-unseen stuff & they didn't just buy their good stuff from us, spread the alternate footage over multiple discs to increase the purchase price and stick you with a cheap copy with no frills.

In other words:  A LOT of research, time, effort, creativity & other resources go into the titles sold on this site. If you don't care about any of the stuff  just mentioned, that's OK...because you're not our clientele.

Did I see a better version of something you offer elsewhere?

No, you didn't.

What are your shipping policies?

  • All items are shipped FREE via USPS Media Mail (which is a 2-9 day delivery time). If you ordered something and didn't receive an invoice via email within 48 hours (check your spam folder), please email us:
  • We only ship to the continental U.S., nothing overseas. (This is mainly because Region-Free players overseas are rarely Region-Free, especially in Australia. Sorry Mates!)

If you’re not a fan, you won’t see what is wrong with this picture. This photo is from the Dangerous Tour but the concert is from the Bad Tour... and 1987 Michael looked considerably different than his 1992 counterpart. To collectors like us, these little mistakes make a world of difference. We know what we're buying if a title never had an official release, but as collectors, as completists, we always want the very best version available. We want our movies to slide smoothly into their place on the shelf, not stick out like a sequined glove;)

As for the quality offered on this site:

Each title comes with a detailed description and a 1-5 Asterisk Rating (on the checkout page) like a 4-star restaurant or a 5-star hotel.

The given Rating is based not only on the audio/video quality, but also on its presentation, special features & rarity.

All titles have professional cover & disc art, menus, and are the best digital/audio quality versions available, anywhere.

We're obsessive about only owning – and selling – the best, most-complete version of something if it’s available.

What do you mean by a Film, TV show or Concert being  commercially-unavailable?
That the item in question was not released by a studio, production company, distributor or artist through typical, industry channels, i.e., movie theaters, cable, home-video, stores, etc.

Or – if it was released – the project:

Since these titles were never sold in traditional venues, what is their quality?
Almost every title offered on this site is floating around somewhere else on the Internet and those versions are usually: low-quality with audio/video mismatches; fair-quality but

region-specific; high-quality (but without cases or artwork). The biggest difference between what is offered here and other websites (besides most of these titles not being offered

on Blu-Ray on other sites and Concerts here being offered as an MP3 file or CD) is our Attention to Detail.
Example:  Below is a Cover Art image for Michael Jackson: Live in Japan (Bad Tour; 1987), offered at another site:


Hard to Find,