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Freddy's Nightmares  (hosted by Robert Englund, in character)  ran in syndication for 2 years (1988-1990) during an explosive period of Elm Street popularity that dominated the box office, home video & merchandise!

This 16-Disc Set Includes:

  • TV Promo for Season 1
  • TV Promo for Season 2
  • TV Promo for the Series
  • Original Full Frame Aspect Ratio
  • 30-second TV Spots for Each Episode
  • ALL 44 Episodes (in chronological order, by air date)


No More Mr. Nice Guy

Dreams That Kill

Freddy's Tricks or Treats

Lucky Stiff

It’s My Party and You’ll Die If I Want You To

Available on Blu-Ray & DVD!

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Freddy's Nightmares: The Elm Street TV Series

Robert Englund  (as Freddy) introduces and closes each episode - and provides segues between commercial breaks.

This Disc Features:

  • Full Menu
  • 5 Uncut Episodes
  • Episode Selection
  • Original Full Frame Aspect Ratio (4:3)

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Available on Blu-Ray & DVD!

24 Amazing Special Effects, Candid Moments with the Cast & Crew and Much More is included in this 73-minute presentation, filmed by a backstage-associate. Unless you own this or were there when the movie was being shot, you haven't seen this footage!

Go "Behind the Scenes" of:

  • Mirrors
  • The Skeleton
  • What a Rush!
  • Popping Arms
  • Junkyard Fight
  • Melting Tricycle
  • Hanging Around
  • Freddy the Snake
  • Heather vs The Chair
  • Welcome to Primetime
  • 14 Other Incredible Effects

A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 3, Dream Warriors: Behind the Screams!

Hard to Find,

Freddy's Nightmares:

The Complete Elm Street TV Series

5 Uncut Episodes on 1 Disc!