Hard to Find,

Special Features: Prince  performing on Solid Gold  &  The Time  performing on American Bandstand.


Intro: Don't Worry               +7 More Hits!


Let's Work

Do Me, Baby


Let's Pretend We're Married

Lisa' Solo

The Time

Get It Up



Wild & Loose

Gigolo's Get Lonely, Too


The Walk

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Filmed during the 1999 Tour in Houston, TX (on December 29th, 1982), this incredible concert is one of the rare performances NOT featuring Vanity 6 -- the all-female group usually accompanying The Artist Once Again Known as  Prince.

Prince: Live at the Summit (1982)

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Available on Blu-Ray, DVD, CD & MP3!

On August 3rd, 1983  Prince and the Revolution  - including newest member, Wendy - stepped onto a small stage, in front of a small crowd, at the Minneapolis, Minnesota Dance Theatre.

For more than an hour, His Royal Badness  tore it down & funked it up...

followed by The Purple One  singing Purple Rain for the very 1st-time, on-stage.

Re-live this historic, extremely rare, complete performance!

Prince: Live at the Minnesota Dance Theatre (1983)

Available on Blu-Ray,

DVD, CD & MP3!

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Vanity 6

Make Up

Wet Dream

Drive Me Wild

If a Girl Answers

(Don't Hang Up)

Nasty Girl

Filmed during the 1999 Tour (in Bloomington, MN), this 90-minute Concert features

Vanity 6The Time  &  Prince and the Revolution, as well as  Rarely-Seen Special Features.

Prince: Live at the Met (1983)